Friday, July 11, 2014


This cute, inexpensive bottle can be used for home-made vinegars, any of the home made vodka drinks, etc. or in my case I used it to make yummy, very concentrated lemonade - make by using fresh lemon juice and simple sugar. Simple sugar is = parts sugar and water. Just add the sugar to water in a saucepan bring it to boil to dissolve the sugar and then let it cool.  Add the lemon juice (remember very concentrated) and using a funnel add the lemonade to your lovely jar and give it with a bottle of sparkling water, the two combine to make a very refreshing drink. Especially good if you have access to Meyer lemons. This is my FAVORITE summer hostess gift.
I like to pair the gift with a nice bottle of sparkling water because it is the sparkling water that makes this so refreshing. If the person you are giving this to likes a cocktail the lemonade makes a great vodka drink (especially pretty in a large martini glass). Personal preference. Remember the lemonade needs to be very concentrated and sweet to stand up to the addition of the sparkling water.
 You can either copy and paste this label into your favorite program or use the "print/pdf" button on the side of the blog and print out on a waterslide label, follow the instructions and adhere to your bottle.  You may use any glass bottle, recycled mayo bottle, Mason jar, whatever you like. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making a waterslide label you can just print out several of these on one 81/2 x 11 full page label.  The big difference will be that the regular label will not last like the waterslide label that is clear and gets a clear coat after applying. This will be appreciated as a gift or looks really cute on your drink cart or area set aside for drinks. Set up a little lemonade area for kids outside and put out a big bowl of maraschino cherries with stems and lemon slices for them to adorn their drinks with, you could add a little red food color to the lemonade so the kiddos have pink lemonade - works for adults too.


Bottle, my bottle IKEA but you can find these at specialty & import stores like World Market
Eiffel Tower label, Link

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  1. You never know, you might find some coming your way soon! Thank you for your sweet comment.