Friday, July 4, 2014


It's time again to fly our flag,
With much respect and pride;
It is our country's birthday,
This 4th day of July!

As we enjoy the fireworks,
The picnics and parades;
Let us reflect on all the things
That make our country great:

Is it those rights we cherish,
The freedoms we enjoy;
Equality in law - that's guaranteed
To every girl and boy?

The answer's YES for most of us
Not all of that I'm sure!
For many in our country still
Much suffering they endure.

The many that are hated,
Because they don't fit in;
'cause they have different customs,
or for the color of their skin.

Yet, we are all Americans,
From every walk of life;
Claiming equal and fair treatment
Protection from all strife.

We're in this land together,
We're brothers, sisters, all;
United we'll attain great goals,
Divided we shall fall!

So, on our country's birthday,
Let's pledge, for all to see:
We'll strive to live together,
In peace and harmony!

Our future will be brighter,
God bless us, I do pray.
And, with one voice now let us sing:

 Have a wonderful and safe 4th.



4th Clipart, The Graphics Fairy 

4th of July poem by Bob Balliet



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