Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yesterday I was shopping at a local design/import store and as I entered the store the most beautiful spring wreath caught my eye - at close inspection they had stacked (3) different wreaths one on top of the other, starting with a curly willow wreath.  When added all together the cost was over $200 and I decided I could do much better than that!

 The curly willow wreath at the design store was $49.99 so I opted to pick up a twig wreath at Hobby Lobby for $15.99 and used my 40% off coupon.  The other wreath is from a local craft store and was about the same cost.  Using twist ties (from storage bags) after adding greenery to the moss wreath, I tied them together.
Next I added picks from the $ store and finally a bow and some star garland.  Ready to hang.
I have never done a "double" wreath before and love how substantial, while still having a delicate texture look, the double wreath attains.  I will still be on the look out for that curly willow wreath on sale for my spring wreath, after the Easter one comes down.


Moss wreath, hobby store
Twig wreath, Hobby Lobby
Silk flowers and egg picks, Dollar Tree
Twist ties, from carton of storage bags
Greenery, ivy, from Dollar Tree
Greenery, Boxwood, Hobby Lobby
Ribbon, Costco
Star Garland, Michael's

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