Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On Tuesday I feature an item that I like to have in my “arsenal.”  It might be a craft item, something for sewing, a needed item for household arts or my latest kitchen gadget. In a recent post I featured the wonderful onion chopper, that is the sort of thing I will feature, tell you where you can find it and why I think it is a good item. It will usually be something that I don’t want to be without or run out of just when I need it for a project, a meal, for entertaining or to give to a guest. 

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Panibois translated from French is "wooden pan."  On the bottom of their web page it says "inventor of the wooden baking mold."  This is an item that I have used for years and is available at many different sites and stores.

I order from a company in Missouri called Technobake, http://technobake.com/. If you want to check them out once you are on their home page click on "Home Baking" and the panibois page will come up.  If you have not used these products before you might find it fun to order the "sample pack."  At Christmas when I am most likely to be giving away baked goods I like to use the one called "Duc." These molds can be used more than once and extra liners may be ordered.  They look unique, are great fun to bake with, no pan to wash and people love to receive a yummy baked item in this unusual packaging. A six-pack of the "Duc" is $12 and comes with liners. The crates shown are not for baking but for presentation.  I love the little one because it is just the right size for a little jar of jam, a small cake in a Panibois and enough room to snuggle in a little sack of fudge or whatever candy you are making this Christmas.

Shipping varies so the more you order the bigger bang for your buck shipping-wise.  If you have a friend that might like to order these too, combine your orders and share the shipping costs.

I put together a little Halloween cake using "Duc."

 Out of the oven...
Frosted and hit with pumpkins, jimmies and a pick!
In a bag with a tag and tied with ribbons, ready to deliver!


Panibois,  http://technobake.com/
Jimmies & Pumpkin Sprinkles, Autumn Accents Harvest Mix
Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Pick, Hobby Lobby
Label Graphic, Scalloped Circle Graphic from Etsy seller Digitalfield
Circle size, 1.786 x 1.786
Font, TT Hanford Script, size 12.25
Clear Plastic bag, Perfect size for "Duc," Walmart in the grocery section

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