Monday, October 21, 2013


Preparing for the GG's (Girls Group) luncheon in a few days.  Thought I would get a head start and make dessert first and get it into the freezer.

Very simple to make.  I made this cake in a 7" springform pan.  I only have one pan so I cut the recipe into 1/3's:

The "Cake"

4 Tablespoons Butter
5 Cups of Rice Krispies
3.5 Cups of Kraft Jet Puffed Pumpkin Spice Mallows
1/2 Tsp Vanilla
1/4 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

NOTE:  This makes one 7" pan, adjust accordantly if you are making more than one layer at a time.

Spray your springform pan with non-stick spray and set aside.  In a large pan melt the butter and then add the Kraft Jet Puffed Pumpkin Spice Mallows, the vanilla and the pumpkin pie spice.  Continue stirring until the Mallows are melted - this will take a little more patience than when you are using miniature marshmallows. Once melted add the Rice Krispies and fold until all the cereal is coated. Working quickly (I use a metal one cup measuring cup) put the Rice Krispy mixture into the spring form pan and using a piece of non-stick aluminum foil tamp down on the cereal mixture until it is nice and level in the pan.  Put into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes.

Remove from the freezer, set on wax paper and put another sheet of wax paper on the top and repeat the process two more times.


1 1/2 Cup of soft butter
3 3/4 cups of confectioners sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

Jimmies to cover the cake after frosting

Using your electric mixer cream the butter until it is very smooth then gradually add the sugar and whip until all the sugar is mixed into the butter then add the* vanilla and the pumpkin pie spice.  At this point turn the mixer to a med-high and just let it whip for at least 3-4 minutes.  If the consistency is a little stiff you can add some milk.

*At this point I also put in the orange gel paste, you can use food coloring but you will get brighter color and a better consistency with gel paste.

Now you have your cake and your frosting, time to put it all together.
 Normally I would use on off-set spatula to frost a cake but I think that a rubber spatula works better with the cereal cake.  Put frosting between the layers and then frost ONLY the sides NOT the top.

Put your jimmies or sprinkles in a small roasting pan and because you have not frosted the top you can just roll the "cake" along and the jimmies or sprinkles will adhere.  Please note that I used sprinkles and would not use them again because the jimmies are larger and stick much better to the cake than sprinkles and will not be as messy.  Personal preference.

 Frost the top and put the jimmies or sprinkles on the top and you are ready to decorate the top.  Using the leftover frosting you can pipe along the edge, etc.  I used the star tip and just put some stars on a small sheet of wax paper, put them into the freezer for a few minutes and then they were very easy to handle and I just put a dot of frosting on them as I attached them to the top of the cake and added a black Sixlet to each star.  I attached the "Boo" by running frosting across the bottom.  This will stay in the freezer until my luncheon. Cut the cake with a sharp knife.


Rice Krispies Cereal
Kraft Jet Puffed Spice Mallows
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Confectioner's sugar
Jimmies preferred over sprinkles


Black Sixlet candies available at candy, craft & cake decorating stores
Spectrum Soft Gel Paste "Orange" available at craft and stores that carry cake decorating supplies
Pastry bag used was Ateco Flex 12" available at craft and stores that carry cake decorating supplies
Star Tip used Wilton 1M available at craft and stores that carry cake decorating supplies
"Boo" is jumbo cardboard cutout from Little Yellow Bicycle
Small plates are from Pottery Barn Kids
Cake plate is Ciroa china and the pattern is Venetian.

By Stephanie Lynn 

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