Thursday, January 7, 2016


A week before Christmas I had the blessing of a group of relatives from California come for the day and a dinner at our home.  One very dear person brought me the most wonderful birthday gift - a beautiful angel. I knew as soon as I saw the angel that it was a reminder that this Christmas was our first Christmas without my sister and that we had a new angel in heaven this year.  Not only was the angel incredibly beautiful but has such a special meaning. As I told the person who gave me the angel, I love angels - it's not like I go shopping and say "today I'm buying an angel," it is that I find myself drawn to them.

I love to change out what I have on my entry table with the seasons and the holidays.  For the last couple of years I have kept seeing beautiful sunbursts in catalogs but they normally start at $100 or more.  I had done a couple of sketches thinking Hubby and I could make something together but it was low on the list.  When I saw the new Angel I just knew I needed to do something on the entry table after Christmas.  Then the little dim light-bulb went off in my head......I remembered seeing a really cute green wreath at Christmas...made from clothes pins.
 So....I bought a wire wreath frame at the $ store and lots of clothes pins at the craft store and sat on the bed and started clipping the clothes pins on the wire wreath.  I also bought a 10 mirror at the craft store thinking I would glue the mirror to the back (I did not), this was supposed to be just a "dry run" to see how it looked but after sitting and clipping the pins I decided that I could just paint it after I had put all the pins onto the frame.
Here is the finished "sunburst" without the mirror, ready for paint.
I used a large piece of cardboard and SURPRISE the gold paint was silver....seems someone had switched the lids at the store!

Back to the craft store for gold paint and I guess gold a big seller at Christmas (they were out, no gold) so I ended up buying golden glow glitter blast and it turned out perfect - another happy happenstance. I just added a satin bow and it is finished.  This turns out to be very hard to photograph and in real life it is harder to see the clothes-pins.  I'm thinking about one for Memorial Day, 4th of July!
It looks perfect with my Sharon angel.

 The entry table with the new angel and sunburst.


Wire wreath frame, Dollar Store
Gold paint, Krylon Metallic, gold
Gold glitter paint, Krylon Glitter Blast, Golden Glow
Clothes pins, Hobby Lobby
Large angel, from the Marshall Fields catalog before Macy's took over.
Medium angel, Enchanting Objects, State Street, Boise
Small (oh so beautiful angel), Vonda's, Fresno, CA.

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