Monday, January 25, 2016


The Alzheimer's Idaho support group meeting is this Friday and the hostess and I take turns providing the door prize and this month is my turn.  I thought it would be nice to donate something that is Valentine's Day themed.

While out and about doing my after Christmas shopping I spied this ugly duckling candle holder marked down.  I liked that it was metal, loved the shape and it seemed well made. The price was right but not so much the color. I bought it not having a clue what I would do with it but decided it was more than worth the $4.42. I remembered this item when I was trying to decide on the door prize.
I looked at it for awhile and decided on a color scheme and using some acrylic paint starting painting - this is upside down to show that I colored the entire piece - it has nice black felt on the bottom, the rest is repainted.
I let it dry overnight.
Once dry, I decorated.  On the white I used a permanent Sharpie and on the rest I used the tip of a paint brush to dip in the acrylic paint and randomly add the dots.  In this photo it looks like there is a break in one of the swirls but there is not - that is glare. No right or wrong with the decoration - if you cannot think of anything find inspiration in other art, fabric or Google a theme and click on images - so many choices and this was fun. Once completely dry I sprayed with a flat clear coat to protect.
Here it is with a little, fat, unscented (I don't know who will be having this in their home so I chose an unscented candle in case of allergies, etc.).  The gingham bow is attached with a tiny pin that has a red end - for safety sake it should be removed as the candle burns down.
I found this cute heart with a chalk paint front at the $1 store and just did some more dots, etc. with a chalk pen. You can use regular chalk but it does not look as sharp - this washes off just like regular chalk would wash off - a wet soft cloth.
Here it is, ready for delivery on Friday - I just used a little dotted cellophane and tied with some Valentine ribbon and attached a cute curly bow.  I hope the winner will be happy.


Acrylic paint, craft and hobby stores and online
Chalk board heart, Dollar Tree
Dotted cellophane, craft store
Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Chalk Pen, David Tutera chalk pen, craft & specialty stores,David Tutera Fine Tip Chalk Pens

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  1. Oh, how sweet...and such a kind thing to do. I wished I lived there so I could attend those gatherings. My Husband is in a Nursing Home now...three years...I tried to take care of him myself, however after two years, I learned that I could no longer do it. I have a question about the ribbon. Did it come curly or did you curl it yourself?

  2. Wish you had a group to attend Diane - it is very special for these wonderful ladies. The curled ribbon comes that way - it comes on a card - three bows to a card. God bless you and your husband. Than you for stopping by. Jj.

    YOU TREAT THEM ROYALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They all have grateful hearts & it is such a privledge to do things for this special group of people. God bless the caregivers❤️ Thank you for stopping by. Jj