Friday, July 10, 2015


Living in Eagle, Idaho both Boise and Meridian are very close to us and to say this was a field trip is a bit of a stretch because it's only about 8 miles or so from our house.  It was a hot day earlier this week and we decided to take the day off from our projects, etc. and I suggested a trip to Enchanting Objects on State Street in Boise.  It is one of those places that we drive by all the time and I keep saying I need to stop there but it just seems like we were either going or coming and did not have time to stop.  So....that day was the day.
 Now isn't this someplace you would like to stop and browse?  Something for every style and taste - they are located right off State Street in a beautiful shaded lot with lots of parking.
As I did not know their hours I looked them up online and darned that Yelp they had their hours posted incorrectly but we got out of the car to look around and there it was the one thing I was looking for, leaning against the house! I was so excited - we went for coffee and came back at their REAL opening (they actually opened before 11:00) - their hours are Tues-Sat, 11-5.
Such a great and fun place! As I entered the little ante room I looked to my left and what did I see - the cutest little white beveled mirror, just the right size for our mud room.  As we left the house that morning I put on a straw hat and realized we needed a mirror in the room - it was mine.
The sweet little mirror now lives in our mud room.
Once inside I was cordially greeted and I inquired about the piece of wrought iron in the yard. Out we went, the price was right, so now I had what I came for plus the very reasonable mirror all good.
 Here is the wrought iron piece, sans a whole lot of dust, ready for hubby to hang.
Here is the installation with a nice boxwood wreath.  The photo is deceiving as it really is in scale with the room, it's just the angle of the photo. I also made new pillow covers for my accent pillows using some lovely Williamsburg linen blend fabric.
 I was in good shape and under budget until I spotted "her" this beautiful Santos with hand carved arms and wings, carved from mango wood.  I just knew she would be great in my entry by the antique mirror.  OK to splurge once in a while, right???
 Before leaving I inquired about Annie Sloan paint (if you follow this blog you know I love Annie Sloan products). Lesli Fieselman one of the owners of Enchanted Objects told me that they use Webesters paint powder exclusively and was kind enough to give me a sample.  When I use this paint I will do a post and give my honest opinion.
I cannot wait to go back to Enchanting Objects as behind this gate are several more rooms filled with treasures!  I might find something that I did not even know I needed.


Enchanting Objects, Link
Williamsburg fabric, online and at fabric stores, link
Webesters Paint Powder, Link

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  1. Great place! You got off easy...good thing you didn't go into those other

    1. LOL Kim - I will go back for sure, have to let my wallet get well! I did do good until I added my "girl" to the mix. Isn't it fun to find places like this? Thank you for stopping by. j.

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    1. We will SO go to Enchanting Objects when you come to visit!!!!! j.


  4. Really - would not like to have to take inventory here! Thank you for stopping by! j.