Monday, February 9, 2015


 I keep these little square gift boxes around as I think they come in quite handy for lots of projects not just as a gift box. My Valentine gifts are off  via Priority Mail today. Please note the heart does not look foggy in person (or pink) - it is the glare off of the lamination on the photo.
Simple project - while the box is still flat cut out your felt pieces (easier to make the pieces with the box flat). I had some red felt fabric by the yard on hand but you could use felt squares. The Scotch Adhesive is great because it dries very fast, ribbon for a top bow, sizzle for filler and some Felties which are felt alphabet stickers and some twist ties and of course CHOCOLATE.
While the box is still flat cut out your felt and then glue onto the box.  We are not upholstering furniture here so if you have some white spots showing you can always go over them with a red sharpie.
Next I added a heart I laminated from The Graphic's Fairy and then using either a punch or a ice pick punch two holes more towards the back of the lid.
Now you can string a twist tie into the two holes, add some sizzle to the box...

Filled with a big foil chocolate heart (also tucked inside an iTunes Gift Card) and other yummy Valentine candies.
Now you see why the punch needs to go towards the back - you need enough of ribbon length for the name - Ryan just happens to be my first born grandson. Decided after I took this photos to turn the letters the other way, much better.
The last thing to do is to add the little filligree heart sticker to cover the twist tie - ready for the mail.  One down and four more to go!

 All five, ready to be delivered and to go into the mail.


Square boxes, craft store
Ribbon, Costco
Felt, craft or fabric store
Glue, hardware, craft, notions store
Laminated with a lami-label, Kinko's Fed-Ex Store
Heart, The Graphic's Fairy, Link 

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    JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Anonymous - off in the mail and ready for delivery. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Very simple to do and I'm thinking green felt would be cute for St. Pat's Day! Thank you for your sweet comment.