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If you are already a fan of Evernote© you need not read more.  However if you do NOT use Evernote©, please read on about this wonderful database - did I mention that it is FREE, yes readers this is FREE software. Not only is this software free it is also life changing.  Big statement I know but really I have found Evernote© to be life changing it's that simple.

It is no accident that their logo is an elephant because that is the life changing aspect to this software - you don't forget where you have put your important cyber stuff. Instead of saying "oh gosh where did I see that," and then trying in vain to find something online you can just clip into Evernote© and your file, graphic, recipe, etc. will be available to you when needed. It is just the greatest organizational tool.

I am going to address the basic things that you will be able to do with this software but I also need to note that this is a powerful program that has business applications and uses.  It is free but truth in advertising I will admit that I pay the $45 annual fee which allows me to upload 1GB per month (you are allowed 60 MB upload per month on the free account).  I was using all my free space because I download a lot of  big graphic files, unless you will do the same thing you will not have a problem exceeding your allowed amount.

The first thing you will need to do is to go to and download the software onto your computer.  Then add the app to your phone and your notebook.  The reason you do this is that once you have added a note to your Evernote and hit "sync" you will have that note on all three devices. Hmmm, doesn't sound like something useful to you well how about adding all those recipes to Evernote or perhaps your travel information?  Not only do I have the recipe on my phone so I can look and check my ingredients list while grocery shopping but I am able to set up my iPad in the kitchen to reference while I am cooking (or the phone). If you do not have a smart phone or a notebook it is easy to print out any of your saved "notes."

I think the thing that I found so wonderful about Evernote© from the beginning is it's ease of set up and use.  Anyone who has ever set up a data base knows that unless you have a lot of expertise in this area it can be a nightmare. This software allows you to keep track of, and more importantly, be able to find, what is important to you as a user.  Think of it as a file cabinet on your computer and set up files and sub files that interest you.


 After downloading the software you are ready to go! First you will set up a notebook, say "Recipes" then just start adding your recipes you find online or entering them if you prefer. Another great feature is that when setting up the file you give the file a name say "Raspberry Pie," but Aunt Rosie gave you this recipe and you would like the ability to find all of Aunt Rosie's recipes (but don't really have enough to make an Aunt Rosie file) so you just add a tag at the top "Aunt Rosie Raspberry Pie." Then when you do a search it will come up both ways.  This is particularly helpful if you are entering something that you think will be hard to remember, you can put a tag that will jar your memory. On the left side is a list of all of your notebooks and below that is an alpha list of all your tags. I have notebooks from cooking to crafts to images, to lists of things to do etc., in short this software can be used to organize your life - as I like to say only limited by your imagination.  I was so enthusiastic about this software that I badgered my husband to download and start using and now he is a believer. He is the "travel agent" for the family and has found Evernote© to be a great way to keep track of all our travel information and then when traveling you will have all those necessary things like confirmation numbers, etc. in one convenient place. Another great thing is you want to share something? Just click on "share," enter the email address and you are done! The recipient does not have to have Evernote©  but if they do all the better, for they just have to do a "click" and it's now theirs. 

I have no connection to Evernote©I am not one of their minions I just happen to think that anyone not using this software is really missing out on one of the great free things in life.  I will not go over all the features, just tried to hit the high spots for understanding.  I will however promise you that if you download this software and take the time to make it a part of  your life you will be happy that you did so.  I give a little silent "thank you Evernote" every time I am in a big hurry and am at the store or the airport and realize that the information that I need is waiting for me on my iPhone! Just like the elephant I like to remember.


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