Monday, May 12, 2014


Our family is going on an Alaskan Disney cruise in July so I thought it would be fun to make something for that trip for my DILS (I will make myself one too and something similar for my granddaughter Belle) for their Mothers Day gift.
 This is a fun project that results in a unique bag that can be a purse, backpack or just used as a storage bag. Pattern instructions call for making the pockets, easy zipper shoulder strap, lining, lining pocket and outside pocket flap, getting ready to put it all together to make the bag.
The long strip here is the attached to the lining and will be storage packets on the inside of the bag.
I used some pre-quilted fabric that was quilted on both sides as I wanted my bag to be more substantial.  The pattern calls for quilting a lightweight fabric but I also think it would be fine to make this out of pre-quilted fabric with fabric on one side only. You could, of course, do as the pattern suggests and quilt your own fabric.
 Finished product showing the bag with the shoulder strap.
Undo the zipper and voila, you have a backpack.  Notice the gingham loop on the top - this piece of fabric is the closure that the strap moves in and out of to keep the bag closed. The embroidery monogram was ordered from an Etsy seller.

Truth in advertising about the difficulty of this project - I often say "easy peasy" about so many things that I do.  I would not apply that term to this project.  However, I consider myself a "craft" sewer not a seamstress.  If you are someone who sews a lot you would say "easy peasy."  This pattern does not have pattern pieces per se what it does have are instructions on the size of the fabric to cut and instructions on what to sew and how to put the bag together.  

The good news is I am going to give you a link to the pattern site and when you bring up this particular pattern there is a WONDERFUL video that you can watch to your hearts content when you get stuck or before you start the project, it will help you considerably in understanding the mechanics of this project.

One last little fun detail - totem pole zipper pull! Woohoo, Alaska here we come!


Black quilted fabric, ordered online
Totem fabric, Ebay seller
Totem zipper pull, Ebay seller
Gingham fabric, Hobby Lobby
Pattern, Lazy Girl Designs Chelsea Tote
Etsy seller, Monogram Patch

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