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The photos above were all taken at my favorite store in Victoria - Chintz & Company.  If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this wonderful place make sure you have plenty of time to browse because it is a very large store and full of wonderful things to not only purchase but to inspire you.
 Meet Andrew!  This charming (and very handsome I might add) young Englishman was most helpful and when I asked about taking photos for my blog encouraged me to do so.
From their front door at 1720 Store Street in Victoria this place is very welcoming and very special.  They also have stores in , Edmonton and Calgary. Free parking for customers is located on the side of the store on Herald Street.
The store is just chock full of wonderful things for the home.  Decorative items, furniture, dishes, lighting, etc.
Their silk and other types of faux flowers are just amazing not only in quality but in the huge quantity. From very sophisticated to more woodsy - they have it all.
 They have such a beautiful assortment.
Dishes, my weakness, and they were having a big sale on this beautiful white Portmeirion. 
Lovely tablescapes for inspiration.
You really need to take some time here to take it all in - see the beautiful tiles on the back wall?
A table laden with food and decorating titles.
 Don't forget your best friend - he is also included.
This beautiful bed with its canopy of driftwood and moss was just stunning - I could see this in a beach house.
They carry a very large variety of Mackenzie-Childs too. I also need to mention they have a bargain area - The Attic.
Back on Government Street you will find Hudson's Bay Company - talk about a business that has been in Canada for a very long time. Walking through and out the back area of this store you will enter a shopping mall.

Also, along Government Street you will find many shops, some boutique type and some that have nice souvenirs of Canada and Victoria to take back home as a reminder of your wonderful visit to this very special place.
 As the title of this post suggests "other fun pursuits" I think this qualifies.

This beautiful woman is Carolyn Meuse and she does Tarot readings and reads tea leaves.  She is located right across the parking lot of Chintz & Company inside Full Circle Studio Arts, located at 1800 Store Street. Full Circle Studio Arts features local artists, books, clothing, jewellery, music CD's a really unique and interesting store. When Carolyn's sign is out you can go in for a reading.  She only takes cash.  She is very charming and I had never done anything like this before and was quite a skeptic but she was very serious and I might add told me some things that she would have no way of knowing about me so I was not quite the skeptic when I left.  She also saw some numbers in my tea leaves and gave them to me so if I win the lottery I will let you know. Her phone number is 250-382-7937.
Victoria has a lovely and lively Chinatown.  It is not as large as the one in Vancouver but this is a very safe place and you have no worries about safety whilst shopping, having a meal, etc.
We had a meal in Chinatown the last time we were in Victoria but not this time so I have no recommendation for a restaurant in this area.

This was our third trip to Victoria and each time our first meal has been at this charming pub located at 1022 Government Street - Bard & Banker - typical pub food menu but a warm and inviting atmosphere and lovely service. Scottish-style pub pouring whiskey & drafts in a storied space with kilt-clad servers & live music.  It was a cool evening when we arrived  and we sat right by the warm fire and it was lovely.  The food very good and the service and ambience the best.  We will be back.
Murchie's located at 1110 Government Street has wonderful tea - the Christmas tea is so good - you will not find a better tea assortment anywhere. I dream of their almond croissant and their gift shop is just lovely with lots of tea items, china, etc. 
Sam's Deli also located at 805 Government Street,  has delicious Nanaimo  (na-nye-mo) bars.  The one below was mine!
Nanaimo bars are the quintessential BC dessert. You will find these in many places including the BC Ferry. The bottom has chocolate, nuts, coconut, etc. the middle is a sweet, firm sort of custard and semi-sweet chocolate on the top. I made some with my granddaughter for the first time this week and will be sharing my recipe in a future post.  Soooooo good!!
This is a real deli - the sandwiches, etc. are very good.
One last thing before I end this post - even the trash receptacles are lovely in Victoria!

I think that is all I have to say about Victoria for this trip. A wonderful place to visit anytime of year.

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memory.

  2. You are more than welcome Anonymous. A lovely place to visit - any month of the year! Thank you for stopping by!!!