Monday, October 12, 2015


We recently spent a week in the Midwest visiting our oldest son and his family.  Many years ago I read an article in Victoria magazine and they were simply gushing about this store in the great little American town, Atchison, Kansas (BTW, birthplace of Amelia Earhart).  I immediately called my dear DIL and we made plans to visit the next time I was in the Midwest.  We did and have returned many times.
I am always in full anticipation when entering this store because you never know what treasures you will find.  I was expecting to find the store in full fall bloom but to my surprise it was already Christmas at Nell Hills. A real winter wonderland - I was fortunate to be in the store the day after Christmas last year and yes she does have 50% off all the Christmas items but get there early for the good stuff.  Having said that my dear DIL and I arrived in the afternoon and we managed to find many wonderful things at a bargain price.
It was still fall and Halloween upstairs.  The upstairs is more devoted to kitchen items and all sorts of accessories. Loved these white dishes and I don't think I have ever met a tureen that I did not like!
Oh so cute Halloween wreath - there was no method to my photo taking madness I just moseyed around the store snapping pictures.
Lovely items for Thanksgiving.
See what I mean? Something for everybody, so many things to look at and take in - this is definitely not the place to rush  -  you need to take your time.  I'm sure I still miss things.
 Don't you love him?  No room for this guy in my suitcase!
All sorts of lovely things, note the price tag on the cute cupboard, it's not just display it's for sale too!
I just walked from room to room snapping photos as i strolled....
You need to look up, down, front and sideways or you are apt to miss something.
My beautiful DIL Lindy, we treasure our times at Nell Hills.
I loved the metal reindeer and all the things that matched...
The sideboard was full too...
Loved the window frame mirror - too big for the suitcase!
Oh BTW, they do ship of course.
Lots inside - takes time to take it all in and you leaving knowing that you must have missed a lot - best reason ever to return.
I loved these bells - they came in different sizes and I think would be wonderful as they have them on a garland or would look lovely on a wreath.
Really cute wreath on wood...etc.
Beautiful mirror, table and stand...
I oh so loved this look - the beautiful mantelpiece, the faux rabbit trophy, all the woodsy things..
So many beautifully decorated trees - so inspiring.
Love the wooden snowman and the wreath on the ceiling.
Speaking of this fun or what?
So many beautiful things.  The owner Mary Carol Garrity is this adorable woman (we have met her in the shop several times over the years) who has this shop and one in Kansas City. She lived in Atchison until recently (she opened her home for different occasions and it was so beautiful) she now has a lake house.  Here is a link to her blog with photos of the lake house Link.

She has authored several books on decorating and design and I will put a link below for these books.


Amazon, Mary Carol's books, Mary Carol's books 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes it is a unique & beautiful store, no matter the season. Thank you for stopping by!