Wednesday, April 22, 2015


For sometime now hubby and I have been considering making wood items out of barn, reclaimed and new wood for sale.  The wood arrow and Cari's Kitty could be called a prototype.  This is a gift for a friend's daughter. The friend has been very supportive and encouraging about our future endeavor.  Hubby just became a bionic man with a new knee so it will be awhile before he is back in the shop.

We still had some pieces of the barn wood that we sourced last summer and wanted to try our hand at making a rustic arrow and some items to hang from the arrow.  As you can see we have embraced the knot holes and imperfections of the wood.  Hubby and I collaborated on the design (he of course does all the saw work and first sanding) and in the end I insisted on the heart because I feel our little handmade items come from the heart.  Is he not just the sweetest to cut out these little hearts, I am sure the itty-bitty things are not easy to cut our using a saw?  He mixes a witches brew to paint on the edges where the wood was cut and new wood is exposed. We thought this arrow might be a good start for our business and we would make all kinds of items to hang from the arrow, for holidays, seasons, etc. We also plan on making signs for sale.
We had made the bunny at Easter and so for Cari I decided a cat might be nice. We did not have barn wood wide enough so we had to use new wood.  We are looking for more barn and reclaimed wood.  Here's how it works - I do the design, hubby takes my drawing, makes a pattern then cuts them out and does the first sanding and back to me for the finish.
First painting and some light sanding - complete with a little pink nose.
More sanding.....

Just a tad more sanding...
Finally I made my own witches brew and did the final coat of paint and some more sanding.  Ready to attach the tail and a couple of coats of matte clear coating, kitty's accoutrements and hangers for the arrow.
Here is kitty all gussied up and ready to hang...after hubby nailed/affixed kitty's little extras....

We recommend hanging the arrow and kitty (or any other hanging item) on a porch or any other area where it will be somewhat protected from the elements - at least directly. 

If you think you might be interested in products that we make or have requests or questions then go to and sign up for email and when we launch and then add new products you will be notified by email.

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    JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!