Monday, November 19, 2012

Linda's Month of Birthdays


My beautiful DIL, Dawn, her mother's birthday is on December 25th. So we decided that on Thanksgiving day we would give her a card to tell her that three of us (myself, my DIL and DIL's Nana) were going to mimic the advent calendar idea but it would be a countdown to her birthday instead of Christmas.  Having your birthday on Christmas day means you always get the "duel" gift, just not fair.  I became (maybe a little too much) so enthusiastic with this today that I just ran with idea.  Made the card on 8 1/2 by 11 card stock and put a photo of a car from the year she was born & some interesting statistics from that year, inside the card is the announcement about the birthday "days."for her. Took a graphic from and used for the "Queen Bee" sticker on the oversized envelope. Then as luck would have it I found my first inspiration from some chalkboard graphics from and with a (half off, of course) Hobby Lobby frame made the gift for my first day..
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